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 Life of an IIMA Fellow


Rishikesha T. Krishnan

Director and Professor of Strategic Management, Indian Institute of Management, Indore


Fpm @ IIMA was an important milestone in my evolution as an academic. The coursework was comprehensive and challenging, the professors were encouraging yet demanding and the peer group was highly accomplished. Looking back now, I can see that IIMA provided an excellent foundation for my career as a professor.


Rama Shankar Yadav

FPM 3rd Year


I am a doctoral student in Personnel & Industrial Relations discipline and my research interests lies in CSR and Innovative behavior at work place. I chose to pursue FPM from IIMA because it is one of the best institutes for management research in the country. The faculty members are extremely supportive and encouraging. They not only guide and transfer their research expertise but also help you to articulate thoughts in more structured and fruitful way. IIMA is home to rich cultural diversity thanks to the diversity of students who study here.The atmosphere adds value and increases our knowledge base tremendously. For students who want to pursue management research, I would recommend IIMA’s FPM programme as one of the best options to fulfill their dreams.



Supriya Sharma  

FPM, 4th Year (OB Area)



The FPM programme has gone through a transformation recently. The revised programme is more intensive and better suited to research pursuits of the participants. The course work during the first two years is designed to provide participants grounding into the development of knowledge in management and deeper insights into their respective areas. During the programme, participants are encouraged to pursue their research interests through publications and conference presentations. Participants are also encouraged to assist courses to sharpen their teaching skills. The programme, however, offers a lot more than academic enrichment to its participants. Participants often find opportunities for personal growth by acknowledging and questioning their assumptions, beliefs, goals and objectives. The IIMA campus is vibrant and FPMs regularly participate in all activities including seminars, debates, sports, and cultural activities.



Aashish Aragade

FPM 2nd Year (Agriculture Area)


The FPM programme at IIMA has been revamped to give the student the perspective of a researcher from day one. The conceptual foundation of FPM students is built using research papers, enabling them to develop a flair for reading analytically and adopting a managerial approach while seeking solutions. The FPM programme calls for great committment on the part of the student, even as he/she gets to learn from some of the best faculty in the country. Rigour cannot be seperated from any programme that IIMA offers, so be prepared to write numerous term papers and make plenty of presentations. The change in one's personality, though and approach become apparent within a few weeks of the programme. Peers and PGP students add a fulfilling flvaour to one's life on the campus!


Sanket Sunand Dash

FPM-3rd Year (OB area)


The FPM programme aims to produce well-rounded researchers and academicians in management. The training given in the FPM courses is quite rigorous and wide-ranging. The FPM courses are well-designed to acquaint students with contemporary research techniques as well as give them a flavour of research. The library facilities are excelleent and the environment is very conducive for learning. I would recommend this program to anyone who wants to pursue research in management.



Pearl Malhotra

FPM-3rd Year (P&IR area)


The FPM programme at IIM-A is extremely interesting yet fulfilling and allows you to quench your love for reading, writing and limitless knowledge. The first two years of the programme allow you to form a rich foundation of learning that orients you towards a research outlook and help develop an understanding of various research methodologies. The exposures provided by IIM-A along with the interaction with the phenomenal faculty is just the right start to begin a career in research.  The program is flexible in terms of allowing students to choose their own goals and academic milestones, yet maintains the rigour required at the institute of this nature. Interface with a multitude of opinions, philosophies, industries and insights shape doctoral students such that they can add value to both academics as well as the industry.



Suman Saurabh,

Doctoral Student (F&A)


IIM Ahmedabad's FPM program produces researchers who are at the forefront of their fields. The institute facilitates this goal by providing excellent learning resources in the form of library, journal subscriptions and research seminars. The quality of faculty here is very good and they take deep interest in academic development of research scholars. I have personally benefited immensely from my interactions with the faculty in the Finance & Accounting department. The course design is quite scientific and the timelines for various milestones are well-communicated. The initial two years of coursework helps us stay abreast with the latest research and aid us in identifying an area of interest. The journey thereafter requires continued passion and determination to explore a topic and add intellectual and scholarly value to our chosen fields.


Vijay Lakshmi Singh

FPM (P&IR area)


The FPM program at IIM-Ahmedabad is a top-notch comprehensive and enriching doctoral program. It is a rigorous research journey that entails relentless dedication and determination. The eminent faculty here is not only learned and distinguished academicians but also a group of ever encouraging and guiding mentors. The campus is simply great in terms of providing state-of-the art infrastructural facilities and a stimulating research environment as well as a host of inter-disciplinary learning opportunities and global exposure. Amid students from various programs and a proactive IIM-A community, truly life here is to cherish and about living your dreams vibrantly! Additionally, my personal experiences in balancing my work and family life (thanks to the family-friendly policies here) has taught me life long lessons and strategies, apart from giving me gifts of memories to die for!



Deepak Maun

FPM -1st Year (IME area)


A doctoral program entails immense investment of one’s time and energy. Coming back to IIMA to join the FPM program was a big decision for me. Unlike its flagship 2 year Post Graduate Program, where the focus is on acquiring breadth across multiple domains, the focus of FPM is to delve deeper into one’s area of interest. With its revamped structure, the program provides enough flexibility to the students to pick relevant courses across the spectrum (FPM compulsory credits and FPM/PGP/ABM/PGPX optional courses). As expected of any good program, in the first year, the students are required to read extensively to build a strong theoretical foundation and learn tools necessary for all researchers. The second year is more focused on research area specific coursework. The flexibility to work on independent projects helps one explore multiple themes before deciding own doctoral dissertation topic. The interactions with faculty members and discussions with the student community are of immense values that have helped me in refining my thoughts. Each day, I can see that incremental growth in me as a person and a researcher.




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Last week of April 2018:

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Fellow Programme in Management
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