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What is FPM?

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Ashish Nanda

Director , IIMA

IIM Ahmedabad is India’s premier management school, world renowned for its excellence in
management research and education. FPM is IIMA's doctoral programme. It contributes
to the institute’s mission by supporting the pursuit of cutting edge research in management.
FPM prepares qualified and capable scholars who will shape management thought in academic
institutions and management organizations. We recruit highly motivated individuals with outstanding
academic backgrounds to the programme. The doctoral programme provides participants
exposure to a broad variety of research interests and faculty deeply engaged with industry and
policy. Students develop a strong theoretical foundation through coursework in particular areas
and receive training in research methods. At the dissertation stage, they have an opportunity to engage
actively and deeply with academics, practitioners, and policymakers as they conduct interdisciplinary research. The programme affords doctoral students the flexibility to use the appropriate research
method for their research questions.

The mix of breadth of coverage, proximity to practice, and flexibility in methodology enables
doctoral students to undertake meaningful research on complex and relevant topics. Supporting
the academic research is cutting edge infrastructure, including the best management library in
India and state-of-art access to online resources for research. 

The doctoral programme enrolled its first student in 1971 and graduated its first student in 1974.Since then, 331 doctoral students have been conferred with the title, Fellow of the Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad and have gone on to contribute significantly to management academies and other institutions.

We invite you to consider our doctoral programme and would be happy to discuss your academic interests if you have the inclination and commitment to undertake rigorous training, conduct research relevant to management thought and practice, and subsequently pursue an academic career with focus on research.

Important Dates

January 23, 2017 :

Last date for submission of completed application material.

March/April, 2017:

Interviews for short listed candidates. 

Last week of April 2017:

Offer of Admission mailed to selected candidates.

Important Messages

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Ms. J.S. Vijayapiriya
In-charge, FPM Office
Fellow Programme in Management
Indian Institute of Management
Ahmedabad 380 015
Website - www.iima.ac.in



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