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The Centre for Management in Agriculture (CMA) at IIMA is an inter-disciplinary research centre, which was formed in 1963 and designated as a Centre in 1971. CMA is involved in applied, policy, and problem solving research in food and agribusiness, rural and allied sectors. Much of this is relevant to organizations dealing with agri-inputs and services such as seeds, fertilizers, agrochemicals, farm machinery and equipments, rural credit and insurance as well as organizations involved in procurement, processing, and marketing of outputs such as foodgrains, fruits, vegetables, livestock products, fish, poultry, and forest produce, besides for policy at union and state level.

The CMA undertakes applied policy research in a wide range of fields, relevant to the public, cooperatives, voluntary/non-profit and private sectors. The research studies undertaken at CMA include issues of farm and allied inputs, farm and allied production, agri finance, agro and rural marketing, international agro trade, rural organizational planning, implementation, and monitoring, producers’ institutions, and rural development planning, and administration. The CMA faculty also undertake a large number of policy-related research studies for the Ministry of Agriculture, Government of India as one of its three Agro-Economic Research Units (AERUs) in India.  CMA provides consulting services to national and international, private, public, cooperative, and voluntary organizations.

The doctoral programme with specialization in Food & Agribusiness aims at developing graduates for academic careers in leading management educational institutions, which need faculty members who can address managerial issues related to food and agri-business, rural, and allied sectors as well as research and training agencies. Requirements for admission to the doctoral programme in Food & Agribusiness are mentioned in the section on “Admission requirements”. Applicants to this area must have an aptitude for research and inclination to work in agribusiness or related sectors.


Additional Eligibility Criteria

Food & Agribusiness: Common Admission Test (CAT) of the Indian Institutes of Management / UGC JRF (Economics/Development Studies/Development Economics/Business Economics/Environment Science/Geography/Management) / ICAR-SRF (PGS - merit list for award of SRF)/ GRE/ GMAT

Area-Specific Courses:

Agricultural Management I

Agricultural Management II

Agricultural Development Policy

Agro-Food Value Chain Management and Development

Institution Building

Rural Banking and Financial Inclusion

Advanced Course on Strategic Management of Intellectual Property Rights (SMIPR)

*The list is indicative. Courses offered may vary from year to year          

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