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What is FPM?

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The focus of research, teaching and advisory service of the Business Policy area lies in issues of corporate and competative strategy formulation, execution, internationalization and legal aspects of business. The Area faculty have investigated organizational response to changes ini the economic environment of business, management and analysis of competitive forces, business growth and diversification, mergers and acquisitions, turnaround strategies, innovations and technology management, design of cross-border value chains and constellations, governance, competitiveness and international economic relations. Further it ihas researched issues in intellectual property and contract management. The context for area's activities spans large public private enterprises, startups, small and medium enterprises and family owned organizations. 

The programme develops knowledge, skills and attitudes in students that will enable them pursue rewarding academic careers in strategic management, international business, strategic organisation development and corporate governance. Although the requirements for admission to the programme are same as mentioned in the Admission Requirements section, candidates entering this area would benefit from work experience in an organisation for at least two years.

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Additional Eligibility Criteria

Business Policy: Common Admission Test (CAT) of the Indian Institutes of Management / GRE / GMAT

Area-Specific Courses*

Advanced Seminar on Action Research Methodologies International Strategic Management
Seminar on Entrepreneurship Strategy and Innovation
Advanced Strategic Management I and II Corporate Governance
Economics of Strategy

*The list is indicative. Courses offered may vary from year to year          

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