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What is FPM?

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Economics is a basic discipline for a well-rounded management education. The curriculum for doctoral students, therefore, includes several courses in theoretical and applied economics.  Significant  research  has  been  done  by faculty members of the area on the efficiency of public enterprises,  fiscal  and  monetary  policy,  sources  of  economic growth, comparative rates of growth in developing countries, regional disparity in growth in India, planning for rural development and employment, entrepreneurship development,  regulation  (especially  that relating  to  infrastructure), innovation and alliances at the firm level, labour market issues, agricultural policy and trade issues, and policies relating to IPRs and FDI.

The programme has an explicit objective of training students in the tools of modern economic analysis to make them competent researchers and teachers. Most students have taken up teaching and research careers in leading academic institutions or research and consultancy positions in business and government. The environment at IIMA provides many opportunities to develop their skills by working closely with faculty and attending workshops and seminars.

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Additional Eligibility Criteria

Economics: Common Admission Test (CAT) of the Indian Institutes of Management / GRE / GMAT

Area-Specific Courses

Advanced Macroeconomics Econometrics
Labour Markets in Developing Countries Economics of Strategy
Economics of Organisation Monetary Theory and Policy
Empirical Issues in Internatinoal Trade Public Finance (jointly offered with Public Systems Group)
Game Theory and Applications Economic Development and Growth (jointly offered with Public Systems Group)
 Advanced Data Analysis Time Series Analysis (jointly offered with Finance Area and P&QM Area)

 *The list is indicative. Courses offered may vary from year to year


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