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The Ravi J. Matthai Centre for Educational Innovation (RJMCEI) was formally set up in 1991, after a group of faculty members had worked for three years on educational training and research, and institution building in education. From an initial focus on institution building and higher education, the mandate of the RJMCEI has gradually expanded to include primary education, literacy and secondary education.The common thread running through the Centre‚Äôs various activities is a focus on innovations and innovative approaches to countering problems in education. The RJMCEI is involved in applied and policy research in education that is relevant to public education systems as well as institutions in the non-governmental space. Research undertaken at the RJMCEI has included innovative responsesto the issues of basic education and literacy, and to management issues in higher education, including management and technical education. Members of the RJMCEI also provide consulting services to national and international organizations.

The doctoral programme with specialization in Innovation and Management in Education aims at developing robust research scholars and teachers who can take up leadership roles in educational organizations and systems. The focus on innovation and management will develop in the graduates a unique academic capability that combines a management perspective with the broader theme of innovation. This fits in with the emerging demand for people with fresh perspectives on educational change from a wide range of emerging academic institutions, organizations that provide services and ancillary support to the regular educational structures, well-established national and international educational planning organizations and academic institutions, and various research bodies and social think tanks.

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Additional Eligibility Criteria

IME: Common Admission Test (CAT) of the Indian Institutes of Management / GRE / GMAT / GATE / UGC JRF in relevant discipline

Area-Specific Courses*:

Analyzing and Evaluating Educational Policy

Qualitative Research Methods in Education

Change and Innovation in Education: Structure, Processes, Strategy and Leadership

Public Financing of Education

Change and innovation in Education

Organizational Development and Change in Educational Institutions

Using Quatitative Methods for Causal Inference in Education Research

Technology in Education

*The list is indicative. Courses offered may vary from year to year 

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