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Marketing Area faculty has wide range of interests in research and dominant interest in case writing. The research interests include consumer  information search and consumer choice; consumer response to advertising, sales promotion, dynamic pricing, and country of origin; strategic response of organizations to dynamic market conditions, sales people‚Äôs customer orientation, brand extension strategies, relationship marketing, B2B marketing, ethic logistics, new product introduction and management, international marketing strategies of firms, different pricing strategies; strategic firm behaviour under competitive conditions (using mathematical modeling techniques), competitive strategies, comparative impact of marketing spend on shareholder value, alliances and firm cooperation, market driving strategies,  customer based business strategies, strategies for retailing, etc.

Significant contributions in case research span business and non-business enterprises and encompass almost all areas of marketing management in the Indian context. In the last three years, the marketing area faculty have written more than 35 new cases based on field data. The business contexts covered include information technology, manufacturing, automobiles, retailing, financial services, other services, online recruitment, and media. The decision areas covered by the case studies cover all areas of marketing:segmentation and targeting, positioning, product, brand, price, advertising, sales promotion, distribution, retail, sales management, organisation design, and strategy and strategic marketing.

The requirements for admission into the doctoral programme in marketing are the same as the ones mentioned in the Admission Requirement section. While it is not mandatory, prior academic and/or experiential exposure to marketing and related areas would be of some help for aspiring applicants. Successful applicants should show potential for developing abilities to (a) understand and crystallize important and interesting marketing problems, (b) conceptualize a research plan, (c) implement the research plan, and (d) make original and substantial contribution to the knowledge pool in the domain of their inquiry.


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Additional Eligibility Criteria

Marketing: Common Admission Test (CAT) of the Indian Institutes of Management / GRE / GMAT

Area-Specific Courses*:

Behavioural Science Applications in Marketing

Game Theory and Strategic Behaviour (jointly offered with Economics Area)

Seminar on Experimental Methods in Marketing

Qualitative Method (Tentative)

Seminar on Quantitative Models in Marketing

Mental Accounting, Pricing & Neuro Marketing

Structural Eqution Modelling

Marketing Theories and Contemporary Issues

Reading Seminar in Marketing Management

International Marketing Research and Teaching

Seminar on Bottom of the Pyramid


*The list is indicative. Courses offered may vary from year to year 

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