Fellow Programme in Management

What is FPM?

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The Fellow Programme in Management (FPM) is the doctoral programme of the Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad.

The objective of the programme is to provide students with necessary skills to identify and research complex issues in the field of management.

progoverviewFPM seeks candidates with outstanding academic backgrounds, intellectual curiosity and discipline needed to make scholarly contribution.

IIMA provides an excellent environment for carrying out advanced research, thus creating highly committed researchers trained in the most recent methodologies and engaged in producing original research work.

IIMA’s doctoral programme provides a diverse set of opportunities for interdisciplinary education and research. The small entering class ensures close interaction with the faculty, where students can determine their own directions under the guidance of their thesis advisory committees.

The student becomes part of one of the ten functional/sectoral groups and acquires the basic theoretical knowledge and practical aspects of the area. This allows close interaction with faculty members, who provide the intellectual stimulation and help develop the student’s own research interests and professional goals. The programme is strongly committed to preparing thought leaders both for the academic and corporate world.

Students spend generally a little over four years that includes two years of rigorous course work. Course work in the first year provides a general management overview and develops basic skills for analyzing managerial problems. In the second year, students take advanced doctoral level courses in their areas of specialization. The doctoral dissertation, for the next couple of years, provides them with an opportunity to make original contribution to an area of management or to one of its source disciplines.

IIMA’s faculty have studied and worked in the best of institutions within India and around the world. Their involvement with public and private organizations internationally allows them to bring relevant managerial issues into the classroom and in their research. This creates an exceptional environment for developing a research programme that can build sound theory for analyzing complex managerial problems.

The doctoral programme prepares students for a career in academia or research positions in industry. Students generally take four to five years, including two years of rigorous course work, to complete their doctorate. While the first year of course work is common with IIMA's Post-graduate Programme, the second year involves advanced doctoral level courses in their chosen area of specialization.

After completing the course work, students have to pass an area comprehensive examination to demonstrate that they have reached a level of proficiency in the area of specialization. Subsequently, students work on their doctoral dissertations. These dissertations are expected to make original contributions to an area of management or to one of management's source disciplines. Students admitted to the programme receive a comprehensive fellowship that covers all costs and in addition  provides a modest living allowance.

IIMA has excellent facilities in computing, library, and faculty resources. IIMA faculty members publish actively in scholarly journals and consult with industry and government within the country and outside. Case writing and related research are actively pursued by faculty and students. Graduates of the FPM are placed in world class organizations in teaching, research and consulting positions. A total of 305 doctoral students have graduated from IIMA so far. 

Course Structure

Phase I

(First Year Course Work)

  • First Year FPM Compulsory Courses
  • First Year Area FPM Courses
  • Courses from other areas and other Post Graduate Programmes (PGP, PGP-FABM, PGPX) 

Phase II 

(Second Year Course Work)

  • Second Year FPM Compulsory Courses
  • Second Year Area FPM Courses
  • Courses from other areas and other Post Graduate Programmes (PGP, PGP-FABM, PGPX)

Preparation and Completion of Area Comprehensive Examination

Course on Communication for Management Teachers (CMAT)

 Phase III

Doctoral Dissertation

  • Formation of Thesis Advisory committee
  • Approval of Thesis Proposal
  • Research and Writing of Dissertation
  • Thesis Seminar
  • Thesis Defence


(The requirements for each area are given on specific area pages)

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